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ICYMI: In S.C. GOP Gubernatorial Primary It’s Who Can Be ‘the Trumpiest Trumper on the Trump Train’

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In case you missed it, a new article in The Post and Courier summed up the direction of the Republican gubernatorial primary in South Carolina as contest to see who is the “Trumpiest Trumper on the Trump train.” In an unexpectedly tight primary fight, Gov. Henry McMaster and his challengers are courting the far-right Trump vote by parroting the President’s famous catch phrases and praising his agenda.
Read excerpts about the Trumpy primary below or the entire article here:
Post and Courier: In S.C. GOP gubernatorial primary it’s who can be ‘the Trumpiest Trumper on the Trump train’
But in South Carolina, not only has there been no equivocating from the crowd of Republicans running for governor, the primary has become something of a contest to out-Trump each other.
Incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster brought Trump to Greenville last year for a fundraiser where the president endorsed him. The longstanding relationship between the two promises to be a constant feature of McMaster’s messaging throughout the spring and is already the theme of an online ad. 
Mount Pleasant attorney Catherine Templeton, a former two-time director of state agencies, dismissed that endorsement as Trump merely returning the favor after McMaster endorsed his presidential campaign in 2016.
…Both Templeton and GOP Greenville businessman John Warren have each cast themselves as a “conservative outsider,” seeking to capitalize on Trump’s anti-establishment aspects that endeared him to Republican primary voters.
Earlier this year, Republican Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant, another gubernatorial hopeful, latched on to Trump’s first State of the Union address in a fundraising email for his own  bid, calling the speech “historic and inspirational” and highlighting Trump’s emphasis on God.