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ICYMI: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Wraps “Historic” First Session

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Illinois Public Radio: “Observers and participants are calling it one of the most significant sessions in living memory”

Chicago Sun Times: “From ‘impasse’ to ‘get it passed,’ Illinois surges with stunning legislative session”

In case you missed it, Democratic Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker’s first legislative session is being praised as one of the most significant in living memory. The legislative session, which wrapped up over the weekend, saw the passage of numerous items on Gov. Pritzker’s agenda including a $45 billion infrastructure plan and steps to begin the process of amending the state’s income tax structure. Both Gov. Pritzker and legislative leadership are being praised for their bipartisan cooperation to deliver such a successful session.
Read more about Gov. Pritzker’s successful inaugural legislative session:
Illinois Public Radio: Rookie Governor Lands ‘Historic’ First Session
The Illinois General Assembly finally finished its annual legislative session this weekend, with lawmakers approving item after item on Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s agenda.
Observers and participants are calling it one of the most significant sessions in living memory.
[Senate President John] Cullerton thanked Pritzker and praised his leadership. Later, he was asked why Pritzker had been able to pass so much of his agenda.
Cullerton said. “But he just really got along — he’s just really a nice guy — and that helps. And he got along personally with Republican leaders as well as us, and with our members. And keep in mind: He’s new, he had never done this before. So he did a great job.”
Chicago Sun Times: Editorial – From ‘impasse’ to ‘get it passed,’ Illinois surges with stunning legislative session
To understand the historic significance of what transpired, look past marijuana and gambling. Look, instead, at the way in which Democrats and Republicans worked together.
But government is about making hard decisions. And new Gov. J.B. Pritzker and legislative leaders — often with bipartisan cooperation — made plenty of them during what all parties agree was a historic spring legislative session.
All of this, and considerably more, was accomplished in a session that was a throwback to the days of a bolder and more confident Illinois, to an era when governors and legislators, for all their differences, worked in a bipartisan way to do big things.