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ICYMI: Govs Whitmer and Walz Discuss “Reckless” Trump Rallies and the White House’s Politicization of COVID-19 Deaths

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Gov. Walz: “It’s just cruel and heartless on a scale that we have never witnessed out of leadership.”

On MSNBC this afternoon, two Great Lakes Governors reacted to the Trump campaign rallies and the President’s false claim that “if you take the blue states out,” the United States would have a low COVID-19 death toll.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz both agreed Trump’s rallies are “reckless” and could set back much of the progress that Democratic governors have made in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in their states. Trump’s rally in Tulsa was linked to a spike in coronavirus cases.

Both governors also reacted to the White House press conference presentation yesterday in which Trump said blue states were responsible for most of the United States’ COVID-19 deaths.

Gov. Whitmer said, “I think this conversation on the national level about blue states versus red states is just horrible because we’re all American, every one of us. I never ask a Michigander if they voted for me or against me before we render aid to help them.”

Gov. Walz echoed her comments with an (evergreen) statement: “Governor Whitmer is right.” He added, “The lack of a federal cohesive strategy has pushed us into this situation.”

At the end of the interview, Gov. Walz offered some hope for Americans – even with a lack of federal leadership, Democratic governors like he and Gov. Whitmer are stepping up and working across party lines to save as many lives as they can.

Watch Gov. Whitmer and Gov. Walz on MSNBC here.