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ICYMI: Governor Wolf Fighting the Opioid Crisis

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In case you missed it, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf joined NPR’s Morning Edition to talk about steps he is taking to fight the opioid epidemic. Under Wolf’s leadership, the state expanded law enforcement access to the life-saving drug Narcan, opened 45 new treatment centers last year, and bolstered opioid training for doctors and other medical professionals. Many of the measures taken in Pennsylvania can be used nationally to fight the epidemic everywhere.

Listen here: 

Steve Inskeep: So I hear you saying one thing that you want the federal government to do: don’t mess with Medicaid, or the Medicaid expansion, which was part of Obamacare. If President Trump were to call you up and say, “give me something else. What is one thing that I could do as the President of the United States for Pennsylvania?” What would you tell him?  

Gov. Wolf: Well I’ll give you two other things. In addition to that, the second thing would be to expand the opioid training for doctors. That’s something that we’re doing in Pennsylvania, but medical schools and deans of medical schools really seem to want. And the third thing would be to create a standing order, a national prescription, use the Surgeon General’s power to create a standing order for Narcan for everybody. We’ve done that in Pennsylvania. It really works. With this health emergency, he can do that nationally. 

Listen to the entire interview HERE.


Here’s full list of Governor Wolf’s work on the opioid crisis: