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ICYMI – Gov. McAuliffe Warns Trump’s Immigration Policies Will Have ‘Crippling Effect’ on Economy

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ICYMI – Gov. McAuliffe Warns Trump’s Immigration Policies Will Have ‘Crippling Effect’ on Economy

In case you missed it, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe told CNN‘s Jim Sciutto yesterday that President Trump’s immigration policies will have a ‘crippling effect’ on our country’s economy.

“It can have a crippling effect on our economy. I have already lost two site visits to Virginia,” said Governor McAuliffe on CNN. “I’m trying to create jobs here. And I worry about the overextension of what we are doing with law enforcement…It will have a chilling effect on this country.”

 This is only the latest example of McAuliffe’s leadership to protect his constituents from President Trump’s out-of-control immigration agenda.

  • McAuliffe sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly demanding answers to his concerns that “ICE agents are detaining Virginia residents without cause or specific allegations of criminal activity.” McAuliffe is now set to meet with Secretary Kelly later this week.
  • Before Trump’s travel ban was halted, McAuliffe published an op-ed in The Hill calling the US economy “the next victim of Trump’s travel ban.” He pointed out that “two different companies have informed Virginia that they are putting promising economic development projects on hold as a direct result of this illegal order.”
  • Last week, a federal judge delivered Virginia and Governor Terry McAuliffe a major legal victory against President Trump’s travel ban. The decisive ruling freezes the travel ban for Virginia’s residents, students, and state school employees. The decision is the product of a lawsuit that Governor McAuliffe jointly announced with Virginia’s Attorney General at the end of January.