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ICYMI: GOP Candidates In Legal Trouble Borrow From Trump Playbook: Blame Obama!

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In case you missed it, Talking Points Memo is out with a new story on Adam Putnam’s strategy when on defense: blame Obama.
Last week, Putnam tried to pin his farm’s history of wages violations “Obama regulators crawling around [his family’s] lower intestine” when in fact, the investigation was started under President Bush.
Seems like he should go back to the messaging drawing board.
Talking Points Memo: GOP Candidates In Legal Trouble Borrow From Trump Playbook: Blame Obama!
Talking Points Memo // Cameron Joseph
When a top Republican candidate for governor was confronted over his family company’s illegally underpaying workers earlier this week, he responded with a familiar refrain in modern GOP politics: Thanks, Obama.
Adam Putnam, Florida’s agriculture commissioner and a top candidate for his party’s gubernatorial nomination in the key swing state, responded to questions about his family company’s failure to pay four workers minimum wage by blaming it on the previous president.
“After three days of Obama regulators crawling around our lower intestine, they came up with a $250 fine, which was later dismissed,” he told local reporters — even though that Department of Labor investigation into his family’s company, which forced them to pay $1,672 in back wages, began a year before Obama was even in office. …
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