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ICYMI: Glenn Youngkin Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2024

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The DGA Once Again Calls on Glenn Youngkin to Answer the Question: When’s the Trump-Youngkin Rally in Virginia? 

After spending the night rambling off Trumpian talking points in last night’s second Virginia gubernatorial debate, Glenn Youngkin pledged to support Donald Trump for president in 2024 if he is the GOP nominee.

Youngkin has already made his support for the violent insurrection-inciting, conspiracy theory-driving former president well known. Youngkin said he was “honored” to receive Donald Trump’s endorsement, and said, “President Trump represents so much of why I’m running.” 

Trump, who lost in Virginia in a landslide in 2020, has given the love right back to Youngkin, calling him a “highly respected person,” and a “very successful businessman,” — two especially meaningful compliments considering Trump’s history of failed business dealings and terrible judge of character. With such an open outpouring of support between Youngkin and Trump, the DGA continues to ask: When’s the Trump-Youngkin rally in Virginia? 

Just as he’s openly supported Trump, Youngkin has also openly supported Trump’s lies and conspiracies. Youngkin played footsiewith Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ when he headlined an election integrity rally and made phony election integrity measures designed to undermine faith in democracy the key issue of his campaign.

“At every opportunity, Youngkin has chosen Trump and his lies over Virginians,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “By peddling the Big Lie and staking out extreme positions on abortion and COVID, Youngkin has put a different name and face on the far-right, dangerous agenda that Virginians overwhelmingly rejected once before. Virginia voters want a governor who will fight for them — not a Donald Trump 2.0.”