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ICYMI: Fox News: “Nevada gubernatorial candidates jockey for Trump endorsement in crowded primary”

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The NV GOP Primary is Crowded, Messy, and Completely Obsessed with Donald Trump

New reporting from Fox News is highlighting just how crowded and messy the Nevada GOP gubernatorial primary is — and how much impact Donald Trump could have in the race. Trump still hasn’t made an endorsement in “one of the most wide-open races in the country.” 

The GOP field knows how make-or-break a Trump endorsement could be and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to prove themselves worthy of Trump’s “complete and total endorsement.

Hear from the candidates themselves on why they think they’re the most cut-out to get the coveted endorsement:

  • Joey Gilbert: “I’m the only candidate that was Trump from the jump…All these other guys had to do their polling and decide what to do. Go look who was announcing our president at his rallies in 2016 — Joey Gilbert.”
  • Dean Heller: “President Trump and I worked together for years […] I helped him on his agenda, his America First agenda. In fact, there’s not another Republican in the state in Nevada that did more on the America First agenda than myself.”
  • Michele Fiore: Fox News reports how, “Fiore perhaps took the most creative route to court Trump…she took out television ads in West Palm Beach, Fla. There are likely very few Nevada voters in that media market. But Trump lives there.
  • Guy Nohra: “I have the same background, I’m a businessperson, I’m going to solve problems, I’m an America First person… I’m going to earn it because I think the president … is going to see who’s working the hardest”

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “In this race to the right the only path to the nomination is through a Donald Trump endorsement. Instead of desperately trying to win over the support of one Florida voter, the Republican field should try actually proposing solutions to the issues facing Nevadans. That’s what Gov. Steve Sisolak has done every day in office — working to create good-paying jobs, affordable housing opportunities, and a world-class education for kids.”