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ICYMI: FOX News: Dem Unity Gives Northam Momentum in VA-GOV

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Fox Panelist: ‘The Republicans are intent on remaining internally divided’
In case you missed it, FOX News repeatedly highlighted the fact that Ralph Northam has the momentum in the Virginia governor’s race. Multiple times this weekend, the network noted how last week’s primary showed Virginia Democrats are enthusiastic to vote for Northam, while Ed Gillespie faces Trump headwinds and a divided Republican Party. Dan Henninger of the Wall Street Journal sums it up here:

DAN HENNINGER: After the Democratic primary Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello said ‘we are united as one’ to defeat Ed Gillespie in the general election. After the Republican primary was over, Corey Stewart said this: ‘there is one word you will never hear from me, and that’s unity.’ So in other words, the Republicans are intent on remaining internally divided. [FOX News, 6/18/17]
Tuesday’s primary showed an undeniable surge in enthusiasm for Democrats. More than 542,000 turned out to vote in the state’s open primary, compared to just 366,000 Republicans. It earned Northam “Winner of the Week” honors from The Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter on Special Report with Bret Baier:

AMY WALTER: My winner is Ralph Northam, who just won the Virginia governor’s primary…But the most important reason that I picked him was that Democrats actually had great turnout. Republicans also had a competitive primary but turnout in the primary was mostly Democratic. That’s a good sign for Democrats going into the fall. [FOX News, 6/17/17]