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ICYMI: Editorial: “Gov. Kim Reynolds clings to Iowa’s chief race-baiting nationalist, U.S. Rep. Steve King.”

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The Quad-City Times is out with a new editorial today, blasting Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for her “tacit endorsement” of “vile hate speech” by keeping Rep. Steve King as her campaign chair despite his disturbing racist comments.
See below for excerpts from the editorial or read it online HERE.
Editorial: Why does Gov. Reynolds suffer Steve King’s hate?
Quad-City Times editorial board
Apr 1, 2018
It’s vexing that Gov. Kim Reynolds clings to Iowa’s chief race-baiting nationalist, U.S. Rep. Steve King. 
In November, King was named a co-chairman of Reynolds’ campaign, a quasi-re-election bid, since Iowa’s Republican governor ascended to the post when Terry Branstad joined the Trump administration.
In December, Reynolds’ faced pressure to boot King from her campaign after King said cultural diversity was a weakness. The man is a 19th century relic and an embarrassment to Iowa. And, due to his love of the national spotlight, he single-handedly taints Iowa’s reputation with troubling regularity.
And that fact alone should be enough for Reynolds to unglue herself from Iowa’s chief neo-fascist sympathizer. And yet, following King’s December rant, Reynolds punted, saying that she disagrees with a lot of what her supporters say. It was an unacceptable dodge then. It’s even more so now. At some point, King’s very presence atop its masthead says something about a compromised campaign and its willingness to suffer the ugliest rhetoric possible in the name of party unity. At some point, King’s continued role in the campaign stands on its own as a tacit endorsement of his vile hate speech.
The longer Reynolds’ continues to ignore King’s racism, the longer she looks morally compromised and politically weak. 
[Reynolds] turns a blind eye to a man who’s goal in life segregating brown people from “real Americans.”