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ICYMI – Editorial: Cagle-Kemp Slink Toward Election Day

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“The Cagle-Kemp Reality Show Gives Moderate Voters Reason to Feel Uneasy About Voting Republican Come November”

In case you missed it, the Savannah Morning News published a scathing editorial about the race-to-the-bottom in the Georgia Republican runoff. According to the paper, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and Sec. of State Brian Kemp’s “relentless dirty campaigning has done nothing to strengthen the eventual Republican nominee’s candidacy for governor,” and makes Democrat Stacey Abrams an attractive alternative for Georgia voters in November.
Read the entire editorial here, or excerpts below.
Savannah Morning News Editorial: Cagle-Kemp slink toward election day
Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp would have Georgians believe the Republican gubernatorial runoff election is about trust. Or at least which of the two candidates voters should trust more.
That’s an important qualifier, as the ideals and principles each of them stands for become more suspect by the day. In a rainstorm, neither a flimsy torn umbrella nor a thick newspaper will keep you dry. At the ballot box on July 24, with the governorship likely on the line, neither Cagle nor Kemp will inspire you with their boorish behavior.
Thursday’s debate underscored the voters’ dilemma. The duo embarrassed themselves and the state by spending an hour twisting words and exaggerating sins. They used “lie” and “truth” so often and so haphazardly as to strip the words of their meaning.
…Sadly, the relentless dirty campaigning has done nothing to strengthen the eventual Republican nominee’s candidacy for governor. 
If anything, the foolishness has helped the Democratic candidate, Stacey Abrams…
…But general elections in this state are ultimately decided by centrist voters and the Cagle-Kemp reality show gives moderate voters reason to feel uneasy about voting Republican come November.