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ICYMI: DGA Chair Gov. Inslee Hits the Trail for Fred Hubbell

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DGA Chair Governor Jay Inslee hit the campaign trail in Iowa this weekend for Fred Hubbell.

Photo from @JayInslee

Photo from: @CaroRCummings

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Radio Iowa: Iowa governor’s race ‘top tier’ in 2018, according to DGA chair
The governor of Washington state is in Iowa, campaigning with and for Iowa Democrats. Jay Inslee, who is also the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, campaigned this morning with Fred Hubbell, the Democrat who’s challenging Republican Governor Kim Reynolds.
“The Cook Report just switched this to…a toss up race,” Inslee said, “so this is what you want in life, which is a competitive race.”
There are governors races in 36 states this year and Iowa is among 26 states with a GOP incumbent. Inslee said the governor’s race here is a “top tier” race for the Democratic Governors Association for a variety of reasons.
“We’re in a moment where people are very concerned about the divisiveness and the intolerance that have been fanned by the occupant of the White House and you have an incumbent who’s been an enabler of the White House, which is sort of sad,” Inslee said.
…“Independents, many Republicans, Democrats really have had a belly full of the chaos coming out of Washington, D.C.,” Inslee said, “and they understand we need someone who can unite Americans and Iowans around practical solutions rather than divisive ideological battles.”
The Gazette: Washington governor sees Hubbell as ‘perfect candidate’
Fred Hubbell is the perfect candidate for governor of Iowa, according to the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, who criticized Gov. Kim Reynolds for being a President Donald Trump “enabler.”
…“I think he is the perfect candidate, not only for his longtime leadership in so many things in Iowa, but he’s a person of civility and dignity,” said Inslee, who has called Trump a “liar” and referred to the White House as a “den of deceit.”
“People are concerned about the divisiveness and intolerance that have been fanned by the occupant of the White House, and you have an incumbent who has been an enabler of the White House, which is sort of sad,” he said Friday during taping of Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press.” The conversation will air on IPTV next weekend.
…“We were just at Plumbers and Pipefitters (union) who said they are having more difficulty because people are not getting the education they need to enter an apprenticeship program,” the Washington governor said.
He called Iowa’s privatized management of Medicaid an “embrace of Donald Trump’s efforts to essentially disable health care.”
The Reynolds-Hubbell race will be one of the most competitive in the nation this fall, Inslee predicted, because it pits “an enabler of the president’s practices that are really threatening the economy and health of Iowans” against a Democrat who will be a “guardian against Donald Trump’s depredations.” 
WHO: Iowa Democrats Give Hubbell-Hart Ticket Push at Hall of Fame Ceremony
Meanwhile, Hubbell was getting support from another governor, the night’s keynote speaker, Washington Governor Jay Inslee.
“We are so excited around the country for Fred, he’s a perfect person right now to be governor. He’s a dignified person, he’s been a successful business leader, he’s been a supporter of a whole bunch of good public policy issues from clean water to standing up for women’s rights. We are excited about him and we have a tremendous opportunity to win here,” said Inslee.
Inslee says during the push to the general, the party needs to come together.
“We know that we have to be united, we’ve got to restore order, we have to have some push-back from some things in Washington D.C., Fred Hubbell has united this party,” said Inslee.
KCCI: Inslee and Hubbell Tour Job Training Center
Democratic candidate for governor, Fred Hubbell toured a Des Moines area job-training center today along with fellow Democrat Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. Both men were at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union job-training center on Bell Avenue.
Hubbell says voters want to see more training like the kind that’s offered at this southside facility: “I think a lot of people are frustrated for the lack of educational opportunities these days because we have been cutting back so much. Same with healthcare. People are disappointed with so many Iowans having their healthcare reduced, providers being pushed out of business. People want change, and that’s why it’s a toss-up. There are a lot of people who want change back to the direction of more common-sense government.”
Inslee is the Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. He says Iowa is a very winnable state for many Democrats, including Hubbell.