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ICYMI: Democratic Governors Are Critical to Ensuring Democracy Prevails

“There is one achievable chokepoint that would make it nearly impossible for Trump or his heirs to steal the next election: winning key governors’ races.”

One year since the greatest threat to America’s democracy in recent history, Democratic governors are being heralded for their role as a bulwark to anti-democratic forces seeking to overturn election results — a role that will be crucial to keeping future elections fair and free.

Recent reporting from PBS highlights how in key battleground states, “Democratic governors have been a major impediment to the GOP’s effort to overhaul elections” and have “vetoed new rules…aimed at making it harder for people of color to vote.” While those seeking to topple democracy failed on January 6th, they haven’t stopped. As the GOP continues their plot to systematically restrict access to the ballot box and undermine democracy, Democratic governors’ work in standing up to the Big Lie and protecting the right to vote is critical to ensuring the strength of our democracy.

Dan Pfeiffer describes how “stopping the next insurrection begins down-ballot” with Democratic governors, who have acted as a critical safeguard to the integrity of the electoral system. With Republican candidates and sitting governors across the country continuing to push the Big Lie, Pfeiffer notes “electing Democratic Governors in battleground states is one way to stop them.”

Jay Kuo highlights how “it was ultimately Democratic governors in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who held their radical state legislators in check.” 

In addition to shutting down Republicans’ conspiracy theories about non-existent voting fraud, Democratic governors have also protected the right to vote from Republican attempts to systematically limit who is able to cast a ballot.

Read more on how Democratic governors are necessary to protecting democracy and safeguarding future elections from Dan Pfeiffer, Jay Kuo, and PBS.

“Whether it’s stopping the spread of the Big Lie or protecting the right to vote, Democratic governors are a vital force standing in the way of Republicans’ power-hungry attacks on our democracy,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “One year since the January 6th insurrection, our democracy is still under attack from far-right Republican state legislators, governors, and candidates for governor. We must elect and reelect Democratic governors to protect it.”