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ICYMI – Dem Govs Battle GOP Health Care Bill to Protect ‘Life-Saving, Life-Changing’ Coverage

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As Democratic governors and the states fight back against the House Republican health care plan, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper spent the weekend defending the “life-saving, life-changing” health coverage their residents receive from Medicaid.  

Governor Malloy highlighted on CNN how the GOP’s health care plan would impact his constituents, stating: “It will take insurance away from millions of people. It will gut Medicaid. It will cause people to lose their lives. It will cause hospitals to close. It will cause other clinics to close…It will cost Connecticut more than a billion dollars if we were to maintain Medicaid to the audience of people we currently serve with that life-saving, life-changing coverage.”

What they are doing is shifting all the costs back to the states,” said Governor Hickenlooper on Fox News. “The elderly, the working poor, rural America… this health care plan would hurt all of them.”