ICYMI: Dangerous Doug Mastriano “Doubles Down” on Comparing Popular Gun Safety Measures to Nazi Germany

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Dangerous Doug Mastriano is doubling down on his past comments comparing commonsense and popular gun safety policies to life in Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Yesterday, Mastriano shared a video of himself in a 2018 debate where he slammed efforts to advance common-sense gun control measures in response to mass shootings, saying, “We saw Hitler do the same thing in Germany in the ‘30s.”

Instead of walking back the horrific comparison, he tweeted, “Historically, this is accurate.” In response to similar Republican remarks in 2015, the head of the Anti-Defamation League said the outrageous and offensive claim was “historically inaccurate.”

Whether it’s these extreme comments and promoting conspiracy theories or trying to rip away the fundamental rights of Pennsylvanians, Mastriano has shown time again he’s too dangerous to be anywhere near the governor’s office.

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