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ICYMI: Dan Feltes Vows to End Gov. Chris Sununu’s Trumpian Corrupt No-Bid Contract System

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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, like his mentor Donald Trump, has used his position to award tax breaks and contracts to his donors and political allies.

Granite Staters have had enough of Sununu’s corruption. Yesterday, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Feltes, alongside End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller, announced he would end no-bid contracts in state government if elected governor.

Sununu has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in state contracts to his political allies with no oversight and no competitive bids. Using funds meant for COVID-19 relief in the state, Sununu awarded the Capital Hotel Company, owned by his friend Steve Duprey (former NH Republican Party Chairman and longtime GOP donor), a $453,599 contract. Sununu also awarded two contracts to Convenient MD totalling nearly $1.5 million after their cofounder hosted a political fundraiser for the governor.

Feltes also called on Sununu to release his tax returns in light of the revelation that President Trump has evaded taxes for years.

Read more about Sununu’s corrupt practices below:

InDepth NH: Feltes: Sununu’s No-Bid Contracts Benefit Friends, Donors

State Sen. Dan Feltes said he would end no-bid contracts in state government if elected governor.

The Democratic nominee for governor said Gov. Chris Sununu has approved such contracts without competitive bids, benefitting his friends and political contributors.

In a press briefing with New Hampshire media, Feltes said the Republican incumbent governor has taken over $1 million from corporations and their political action committees and rewarded these donors with taxpayer-funded no-bid state contracts and tax breaks.

In a call with national leaders of the group End Citizens United, a national political action group working to reverse the 2010 Supreme Court case which allows corporations to make political contributions, Feltes said Sununu is not listening to Granite Staters but instead, his donors.

The focus of the call was to connect President Donald Trump with Sununu using Sununu’s own words that he is a “Trump guy through and through.”

Feltes called on Sununu to release his own taxes, noting he has never done so.


A request for comment from Sununu’s campaign went unanswered Tuesday.

President Tiffany Muller of End Citizens United said New Hampshire is among a handful of states her organization is focused on and has endorsed Feltes along with U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen who is running for re-election as a Democrat.

“New Hampshire is one of our priority states and let me tell you why,” she said, saying Sununu is one of the most “Trumpian candidates” and that his interest is in helping himself, his family, and his special interest donors.

She said he has rewarded these donors with no-bid contracts and tax breaks.

Muller said Sununu singled out his family’s Waterville Valley ski resort lodge for special tax breaks and refused to release his tax returns, raising concerns he may be abusing his position of power.

She said he is taking money from drug companies and health insurance providers, making health care more expensive to the average person.

Muller said Feltes is focused on “unrigging the system” to make it fairer and more transparent.

Feltes said he’s led the fight to pass strong anti-corruption bills in the state Senate and has refused all campaign donations from corporate PACs in his bid for the corner office at the State House.

This week, to bolster Feltes’ campaign, New Hampshire Democrats launched an “aggressive statewide campaign to expose how just like Donald Trump, Chris Sununu has been enriching himself, his family, and his donors at the expense of taxpayers.”


Feltes said when elected governor, he will ban no-bid contracts on day one and start the bidding process earlier to ensure there are competitors for state bids.

He said if you want to improve transparency in state government “you don’t allow no-bid contracts.”