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ICYMI: Conservative Columnist: Gillespie ‘Doesn’t Appear Ready’ to Clean Up Virginia GOP after Charlottesville

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WaPo’s Leahy: Gillespie has not yet rebuked Corey Stewart

Today, conservative Washington Post columnist Norman Leahy highlighted Ed Gillespie’s failure to take on fellow Virginia Republican Corey Stewart, who has refused to specifically blame white nationalists for the attack in Charlottesville.
“The man and his baggage will be weighing Republicans down for months to come — unless Gillespie does something to weed anyone who would consort with white nationalists out of the Virginia GOP,” Leahy wrote. “A Gillespie version of a ‘Buckley moment,’ emulating William F. Buckley’s casting the toxic John Birch Society out of the conservative movement in the early 1960s, wouldn’t just cleanse the Virginia Republican ranks of a creeping cancer, it also would elevate him in the eyes of all sensible Virginians.
“So far, he doesn’t appear ready to make the effort.”
Read the full story here:
Washington Post: The time for Ed Gillespie’s ‘Buckley moment’ has arrived