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ICYMI: Brian Kemp Absent From Taxpayer-Funded Job

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Entire weeks without any official appointments on calendar

A new report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution highlights how Kemp is failing to do his job while campaigning for governor—despite still drawing a taxpayer-funded paycheck.
He has refused to resign from his position overseeing the state’s elections despite calls for him to do so because of his conflicts of interest.
Read the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s report below:
Kemp says he’s doing his job while running for Georgia governor
Kemp’s campaign and office say he was still doing his taxpayer-funded job from the road, but his critics question how much work he can accomplish while spending so much time running for governor. During that July trip, no appointments were listed on Kemp’s work calendar.
However, the records show that the average number of days per month that Kemp swiped his badge declined by about half since he announced his campaign March 31, 2017, according to data from October 2014 through August of this year. Kemp used his badge an average of nine days monthly before the campaign and just under five days monthly since, including just one day each in May and June.
“He’s collecting a taxpayer-funded salary, and he’s not even showing up to the job he was elected to do,” Porter said. “If regular-working Georgians don’t show up to work, there are consequences. He thinks the rules don’t apply to him.”
The badge records showed that Kemp swiped his security badge an average of 9.4 times per month before he announced his candidacy for governor on March 31, 2017. Since then, he has used his badge an average of 4.7 times per month.