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ICYMI: Back To Back to Back to Back to Back Fact Checks Find Parson’s PAC Lying About Galloway

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Yet another independent fact check has exposed that Parson’s PAC, Uniting Missouri, is lying in their campaign ads against Nicole Galloway. A fact check from KMOV revealed that every claim in Uniting Missouri’s recent ad is false or misleading.

The ad goes after Galloway for being supported by a criminal organization that has been “convicted of bribery, embezzlement, and money laundering.” That organization? The United Auto Workers. In addition to making unfounded attacks against Galloway, Parson’s political allies are also attacking union workers.

Uniting Missouri also calls the State Auditor “Pay-to-Play Nicole Galloway” and claims she accepts money for political favors, which KMOV reports is unequivocally false – “there is no evidence or allegation of that with Nicole Galloway.”

It’s Pay-to-Play Parson who should be worried about political corruption – Parson has long been accused of giving special treatment to lobbyists and political insiders, and his campaign allies have been charged with ethics violations and criticized for lying to Missourians.

This is now the fifth fact check to prove Parson’s political allies are outright lying on the air. One of the ads against Galloway was so far from the truth that nine Missouri TV stations took it off the air.

Watch KMOV’s full fact check here.