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ICYMI: Back To Back Fact Checks Prove Parson Allies Lying About Galloway

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One month out from the election, Gov. Mike Parson’s allies are spewing lies about Nicole Galloway in a desperate attempt to stop her momentum. A fact check from KMBC found that claims about Galloway in the latest attack ad from Parson’s PAC Uniting Missouri are unequivocally false.

Uniting Missouri’s latest attack ad claims Galloway violated ethics laws by failing to disclose that her husband was a lobbyist for a company that received state tax credits. Galloway did in fact file this information with the Missouri Ethics Commission, and provided copies of the forms to KMBC.

Nine Missouri stations removed the original version of the Uniting Missouri ad because of the false and misleading claims about Galloway.

This is the second time Uniting Missouri has been caught lying to Missourians. Earlier this month, a KMOV fact check found that nearly every claim in a previous Uniting Missouri ad about Galloway was either false or misleading.

It’s not Galloway that should be concerned about ethics – it’s Parson. Parson just can’t escape allegations of rampant corruption benefiting well-connected Jefferson City insiders. Not only have his allies continuously lied in campaign ads, but his administration was the subject of an investigation, led by members of his own party, into his rollout of the state’s medical marijuana program. While other Missourians tried and failed to navigate the complex application process for a medical marijuana license, a lobbyist connected to Parson received special treatment for more than a dozen clients involved in the medical marijuana industry.

Read about how Parson’s allies are lying about Galloway below:

KMBC: Nicole Galloway says attack ad against her is wrong, and she can prove it

The race for Missouri governor between incumbent Republican Mike Parson and Democrat Nicole Galloway is getting rougher.

Galloway said while campaigning Tuesday in the 18th and Vine District in Kansas City a new ad against her is wrong and she can prove it.

The commercial claims that “Nicole Galloway flagrantly violated Missouri Ethics laws. And failed to disclose that her husband lobbied for a company that received state tax credits.”

The commercial is from Uniting Missouri, a political action committee supporting Parson.

Galloway said she did file the information. Her husband works for the Mortgage Research Center. Uniting Missouri says for three years, Galloway did not disclose he was a lobbyist for the group.

“We filed everything appropriately with the Missouri Ethics Commission,” Galloway said. “Apparently, when they provided documents that others requested, they didn’t provide complete information.”

Galloway’s campaign provided copies of those forms.

Question 15 on the form asks if any relatives work as a lobbyist.

She named several relatives, including her husband. He was Mortgage Research’s Government Affairs person in 2013, a post that often involves lobbying. But the company says Galloway’s husband, Jon, never lobbied for state tax credits.

KMBC 9 News called the Missouri Ethics Commission on Tuesday, but they have not responded. So, Galloway says the state’s Ethics Commission made the mistake, not her.