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ICYMI: Axios Dives Into Dirty Tricks That Have Overtaken GOP Primary In Virginia

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Over the weekend, Axios detailed the nasty infighting that has overtaken the GOP gubernatorial primary in Virginia.

Three Republican-related groups, Virginia Cornerstone PAC, Americans for Limited Government, and Stop Bad Candidates PAC, have been involved with launching negative radio and direct mail pieces against Glenn Youngkin, ensuring whoever the GOP nominee is won’t come out unscathed.

The Virginia GOP’s nomination fight has been an absolute train wreck as candidates and party leaders feud over how to choose a nominee. While VA Republicans initially voted to hold a convention, the far-right wing of the party is taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook and refusing to admit defeat. Frontrunner Amanda Chase, who considers herself “Trump in heels,” attempted to sue the VA Republican Party over the decision to hold a convention because she fears that the members of the state central committee might rig a convention against her.

Party leaders only have until tomorrow to make a decision – and if they choose to let the state party’s 72 committee members decide, they could face an uproar from Chase and her loyal Trumpian supporters.

Some Republican leaders are extremely disappointed in the chaotic party infighting. Former GOP Gov. Bob McDonnell summed it up as “terribly embarrassing.”

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