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ICYMI: Ashley Kalus Sued by Former Boss In Illinois for Fraud

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Ashley Kalus is facing new allegations she bounced a paycheck and cheated the COO of an Illinois company that sought to market breast implant devices, run by Kalus herself, out of a $125,000 salary and even more in stock.

According to the Providence Journal, Kalus’ company’s former COO is suing Kalus and her husband, accusing them of “common law fraud” and torpedoing the company as part of a “squeeze-out plan” to deprive the COO of her salary and promised stock.

“Company is broke. End of story. End of company. End of friendship,” Kalus allegedly wrote to the former COO after firing her.

Kalus was born in California, grew up in Massachusetts, owns a million-dollar home in Florida, and met the woman who’s now suing her when she was Kalus’ boss working for failed former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Kalus even received a tax exemption meant for permanent residents on her mansion in Illinois after she moved to and registered to vote in Rhode Island just last year.

This isn’t the first time Kalus’ business practices have been called into question. The state of Rhode Island canceled her multi-million dollar contract after her COVID testing sites received over 100 complaints of mismanagement.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said: “Ashley Kalus’ shady business practices and long history of mismanagement indicate the lack of leadership she would bring to the governor’s office.”