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ICYMI: Arizona Republicans Reject Kari Lake’s Divisiveness, Show Up to Support Katie Hobbs

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This weekend, Katie Hobbs stood shoulder to shoulder with high profile Arizona Republicans who touted their support for her candidacy. In a press conference, Hobbs and her supporters highlighted how more and more Republicans are rejecting Kari Lake’s extremism and supporting Hobbs for governor.

Hobbs’ coalition of Republican endorsers includes former state legislator Steve May, former Scottsdale Mayor Sam Campana, and President and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Monica Villalobos.

At the press conference Mesa Republican Mayor John Giles said, “Those of us who support Secretary Hobbs care very deeply about the future of Arizona,” he said. “And that’s why we are putting our state above our party.”

Monica Villalobos, president and CEO of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said she’s leaving behind her support of the Republican Party when it began running “candidates operating from places of hatred, hubris and hostility rather than honesty, humility and humanity.”

Last week, Republican U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney said she would vote for Katie Hobbs over Kari Lake. Also, former GOP governor Jan Brewer still hasn’t committed to voting for Kari Lake. Earlier this week, Brewer said some of Lake’s claims in this election made her “speechless.”

Here’s what Arizonans are reading about Katie Hobbs’ strong bipartisan support:

The Hill: “a group of Republicans appeared with Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs on Sunday to pull support across party lines…‘I am here campaigning for Katie Hobbs,’ said Mesa Republican Mayor John Giles at the event. ‘The reason for that is I’m very concerned about the future of our state,” Giles said, calling Arizona’s gubernatorial race “a choice between sanity and chaos.’

Arizona Republic: “Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs held a news conference…to emphasize that Republicans should support her over rival Kari Lake…Kari Lake is “dangerous for Arizona,” said Mesa Mayor John Giles, and that’s why he — a Republican — was at the park with Hobbs and not at Trump’s rally in the city he leads Sunday.”

Fox10 Phoenix: “Katie Hobbs…hosted an event…and was joined by several Republicans campaigning for her. She emphasized putting country before political parties and says we have much more in common than our political differences.

KTAZ Telemundo: “…un grupo de republicanos hablaron en apoyo a la candidata demócrata Katie Hobbs. Ellos aseguran que a pesar de que sean del mismo partido que Lake, no la apoyan porque sus ideas podrían destruir nuestro estado.”