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ICYMI: “An Easy Call”: Three More Montana Editorial Boards Endorse Democrat Mike Cooney Over Republican Greg Gianforte

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Over the weekend, the Independent Record, Missoulian, and Montana Standard editorial boards all endorsed Democrat Mike Cooney for governor over Republican Greg Gianforte, citing Cooney’s years of dependable, steady leadership and dedication to the people of Montana, and Gianforte’s refusal to take the pandemic seriously.

The Independent Record said, “Cooney is an empathetic leader with a cool head, a steady hand and an impeccable record of service to Montana, and we trust him to lead our state through these challenging times.”

Cooney has dedicated himself to protecting and expanding Montanans’ access to affordable health care, public lands, and public education. And on the COVID-19 pandemic, Cooney has displayed the responsible behavior expected of a leader, wearing a mask and following the advice of public health experts.

Gianforte, on the other hand, has failed to take the pandemic seriously, touting “herd immunity” as a sound strategy for fighting the virus and refusing to wear a mask. Gianforte was also recently exposed to the virus while attending a superspreader event without a mask, and refuses to suspend campaign events or get tested.

The Montana Standard called out Gianforte for preaching “personal responsibility” and then exhibiting “a lack of said responsibility.” 

Last week, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle editorial board also endorsed Cooney over Gianforte, agreeing that “[Cooney is] well positioned to continue the sound policies that have benefitted Montana during the pandemic.”

Read more about Cooney’s new endorsements below:

Independent Record: An IR View: Cooney is the leader Montana needs right now


Of the two candidates seeking to succeed Gov. Steve Bullock in the current election, Democratic Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney is best suited to lead our state through the unique challenges posed by this public health crisis.


Cooney is an empathetic leader with a cool head, a steady hand and an impeccable record of service to Montana, and we trust him to lead our state through these challenging times.

Missoulian: Montana needs Cooney’s steady leadership in the Governor’s Office

It’s an easy call. In a side-by-side comparison of their records, their accomplishments, their character and their vision for Montana, Mike Cooney comes out ahead of Greg Gianforte on all counts.


Mike Cooney is decent, reliable and level-headed. He hasn’t gotten a lot of attention during his public career, and that’s a good thing. Montana has enough to deal with already, given the constant stream of bad news made worse by a president who cannot seem to resist stirring the pot. Montana needs a voice of reason to cut through all that cacophony.

Montana needs calm, steady, dependable leadership. Cooney is the only candidate who has proven his ability to provide that kind of leadership as governor of Montana.

Montana Standard: Standard endorsement: For governor, we recommend Mike Cooney

Greg Gianforte says Mike Cooney’s never had a real job.

We disagree.

For the past four decades, from the Legislature to the lieutenant governorship with many stops in between, Mike Cooney has served the people of Montana with principle, dedication and an irrepressible cheerfulness.


Cooney has been consistent. He does not have a reputation for dissembling; just the opposite. So we can be comfortable that where he says he stands is indeed where his convictions and values are rooted.

He has worked with many Republicans as well as Democrats. He has shown his dedication to preserving our public lands and public access to them, making it clear that public lands are “an incredible driver of our economy” and important to Montana values. “This will continue to be a fight, standing up to special interests on public lands,” he says. It will be, and he is the person to lead that fight.