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ICYMI: Amanda Chase Vows To Mount Independent Run If Pete Snyder Wins “Rigged” Convention

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Chase: “It is Pete Snyder’s campaign that is running a rigged election.”

The dumpster fire that is the VA GOP nomination fight continues to grow more chaotic as the convention nears. For the second time this week, frontrunner Amanda Chase called the convention rigged and threatened to run as an independent.

During an interview yesterday, Chase accused Pete Snyder’s campaign of rigging the convention and said, “If Pete Snyder is chosen as the nominee, I will probably run as an independent” and then responded “absolutely” when the host clarified that she’d run as an independent should Snyder win the nomination. She added, “They [RPV] are fumbling the ball.”

These aren’t just empty threats – Chase has announced she’s already collected enough signatures to get on the ballot as an independent. An independent run from Chase would set up a nasty fight for the Trump base from now until November – something sure to doom Republicans’ prospects of winning statewide in 2021.

Chase has long accused the Republican Party of Virginia of cheating and rigging the convention against her (although polls show Chase is the clear frontrunner). The nomination process has been fraught with controversy – one of Snyder’s senior staff members played an advisory role on the State Central Committee, which is responsible for making nomination decisions, and Glenn Youngkin’s campaign is under investigation for canvassers pretending to be RPV employees while speaking with voters.

The RPV has been wrapped up in a political firestorm ever since they decided to hold a convention, which former GOP governors warned would be divisive. Adding to the chaos – former GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman has tossed around the idea of his own independent bid. Regardless of who the nominee is – Chase seems pretty sure she’s going to be on the ballot in November no matter what.

Listen to the full interview here.