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“I Would Stop That”: NJ GOP Candidate Jack Ciattarelli Wants to Take Away Wage Increases For Working New Jerseyans In the Midst of a Pandemic

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During a radio interview last week, NJ GOP gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli declared his support for stopping the increase of the New Jersey minimum wage from $12/hour to $15/hour by the year 2024.

Ciattarelli’s comment on the minimum wage demonstrates how harmful his policy ideas are for working families in New Jersey, especially those who have suffered financially throughout the pandemic. Studies have shown minimum wage increases help stimulate the economy and are especially beneficial to workers of color, who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. But as usual, Ciattarelli is putting his loyalty to Donald Trump over what’s best for New Jerseyans in a desperate attempt to pander to his far-right base.

This out-of-touch, extreme position on higher wages is emblematic of Ciattarelli’s entire campaign – he’s embraced Donald Trump’s radical agenda and is out-of-step with New Jerseyans. Recently, Ciattarelli proclaimed that he voted for Donald Trump because he believes the Trump agenda has “been good for America.” In reality, the Trump Administration’s policies have been a complete disaster, for America and for New Jersey.

“Add ‘lower wages’ to the list of things Jack Ciattarelli thinks are ‘good for America,’” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Ciattarelli continues to show how out-of-touch he is with New Jerseyans. Ciattarelli’s message is clear: he isn’t fighting for the working families of New Jersey, he’s fighting for the approval of Donald Trump.”