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“I was raised better”: Ben Salango Launches Campaign Ad Hitting Jim Justice for Betraying West Virginians

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West Virginia Democratic candidate Ben Salango launched a new campaign ad today, “Raised Better.” The ad showcases the vast differences between the two candidates – while Gov. Jim Justice has used his time as governor to enrich himself and give tax breaks to his family’s business empire, Salango grew up in a working class family and worked hard to build a business from the ground up.

Justice has a history of betraying hard working West Virginia families. Justice has been sued over 600 times for not paying his bills, and he made a backroom deal using his position as governor to give himself tax breaks. His business empire has also been accused of a shocking pattern of corruption which includes denying health insurance to hard-working coal miners and failing to pay mine safety penalties. 

Ben Salango was raised better than that – he’ll fight for everyday West Virginians, not just himself.

Watch the new ad here.

“Jim Justice doesn’t share the same values as hard working West Virginians,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “As a businessman, Justice cut corners, refused to pay his bills, and denied coal miners health insurance, and as governor, Justice used his position to enrich himself. That’s not Ben Salango’s style – he was raised better. Salango will fight for all West Virginians, not just himself.”