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“I Have a MAGA Hat at Home With His Signature On It”: Behind Closed Doors, Dave Reichert Fully Embraces Trump

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“I Have a MAGA Hat at Home With His Signature On It”: Behind Closed Doors, Dave Reichert Fully Embraces Trump

A new report from The Seattle Times removes any lingering doubts about former U.S. Congressman and Republican candidate for governor Dave Reichert’s MAGA agenda.

According to The Seattle Times, “Dave Reichert has avoided publicly stating whether he will vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election. But speaking to a group of Republicans in March, he gave his answer. Nodding he would vote for the former president…” Reichert also claimed, “I have a MAGA hat at home with [Trump’s] signature on it today,” and then went on to admit that supporting Trump publicly would be “the nail in the coffin” for his campaign.

As The Seattle Times reports, this is not the first time Reichert has privately claimed his support for Trump while publicly denying it: at an earlier meeting with the Douglas County Republicans, Reichert was asked about Trump and responded, “I love Donald Trump’s policies,” said that “he and I can work together,” and that “he and I are aligned.”

Reichert has a lengthy record of outlining his true – and extreme – beliefs to supporters behind closed doors: 

  • Earlier this year, The Seattle Times reported that Reichert told a group of his supporters that marriage is “between a man and a woman.”
  • In May, Reichert was caught denying human causes of climate change, claiming that “‘the guy upstairs’ is responsible for controlling the weather.”
  • At another campaign event, Reichert secretly promised supporters in a closed-door meeting that he would pretend to be a moderate to win the election, but that once he’s in office, he would “start showing our conservative ideas.”

“While Dave Reichert publicly ducks and dodges questions about his support for Trump, behind closed doors he’s just another MAGA-hat wearing extremist who will push through Trump’s dangerous agenda, including to ban abortion,” said DGA States Press Secretary Emma O’Brien. “Dave Reichert is waiting until he thinks no one else is listening and telling his supporters exactly how he’ll lead the state of Washington: just like Trump. Washington voters can’t trust Reichert, and will reject him and his MAGA extremism once and for all.”