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Huffpost: DGA Small-Donor Fundraising Is Making A Difference in State-Wide Races.

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Recent reporting from HuffPost highlights how the Democratic Governors Association has made a difference in key state-wide races across the country by developing a competitive small-dollar fundraising program that Republicans haven’t been able to match.

The report noted this is just one piece of a broader, increasing focus from the Democratic party and donors on winning state-level races, noting that “The results of these tactics speak for themselves: 57% of Americans live in a state with a Democratic governor.”

“The big picture gap is most evident from how the Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA) has been able to develop a small-dollar fundraising program the Republican Governors’ Association (RGA) has so not been able to match”, HuffPost reported. “enabling the former group to come close to matching the GOP dollar-for-dollar in key races for the first time in decades.”

Read key excerpts from the article below:

  • DGA Chief Digital Officer Laura Carlson said the committee was able to build its online donor base by drawing people in with e-mails touching on national issues and figures, then explaining how giving to governors can matter, even if it increased the digital difference between opening an initial email and making a donation.
  • A lot of people’s goal is to just get someone onto that contribution page with as little friction as possible,” Carlson said. “Implementing that flow allowed us to do donor education about why this matters. And we’ve seen a huge, huge increase in our donations.”
  • North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, the chair of the DGA in the 2022 cycle, said the committee was able to spend three times the amount it did in 2018. The party picked up governorships in Maryland and Massachusetts while losing Nevada, marking only the second time since 1934 the president’s party has increased its governorships during a midterm.
  • “Who your governor is matters more than ever,” Cooper said, citing pandemic response and fights over abortion rights. “Democratic governors demonstrated we will protect your pocketbook, your freedoms and the foundations of our democracy.”

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