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How It's Playing: Democratic Governors Take Center Stage At NGA Weekend

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This weekend, with their Republican colleagues clouded by scandal and unanswered questions, Democratic governors took center stage with a steadfast focus on creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. This stood in stark contrast to the RGA, whose Chairman cannot even appear at the organization’s annual press conference this afternoon because of the liability his scandals have proven to be for Republican governors.
Even in Christie’s absence, only one governor up for reelection this fall will participate in the event. It’s hard to blame Scott, LePage, Snyder, Corbett, Kasich, Walker, Deal, Brownback, and the others from not wanting to participate in the circus that currently surrounds the RGA. What’s unfortunate for them is that they won’t be able to dodge their own records of scandal, incompetence, “reward-the-rich” economic policies, or radical social views come November.
Here’s a sample of this weekend’s coverage:
Democrats were united in the push to elect more governors who will work to create jobs and strengthen the middle class by raising wages and making the investments we need to grow…
President Barack Obama: “Now, unfortunately, state by state, Republican governors are implementing a different agenda.  They’re pursuing the same top-down, failed economic policies that don’t help Americans get ahead.  They’re paying for it by cutting investments in the middle class, oftentimes doing everything they can to squeeze folks who are bargaining on behalf of workers.”
DGA Chair Shumlin: [Republican governors are] “distracted by a more radical social agenda that gives tax cuts to the wealthy, asks the middle class to pay more while they cut education and the opportunity that would allow us to grow jobs.”
Governor Maggie Hassan: “When people have the financial security that an increase in the minimum wage would bring, a raise would bring to most families, then they have the confidence to buy more goods and services, so businesses have more customers, and that spurs economic growth.”
Governor Martin O’Malley: “The problem is our country’s future is being choked by this ideological commitment to greater tax cuts for the very wealthiest of Americans. And that’s hurting our country, it’s hurting our ability to make progress and it’s hurting middle class wages.  That’s why so many Democratic governors are pushing for an increase in the minimum wage.”
Governor Jay Inslee: “One of the most important things we can do for economic growth is remove that anchor from our economy and increase these low-wage jobs.”
Associated Press: Obama pitches minimum wage hike with Dem governors
TIME: Democratic Governors Back Obama On Minimum Wage, Blast Republicans
That message of growth and opportunity, and the clear contrast with Republican governors, has Democratic governors and gubernatorial candidates on offense headed into November’s elections…
DGA Chair Shumlin: “The myth of Republican governors as reformers is dead.”
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Governor Pat Quinn: “I don’t think the Republican Governors Association did themselves any good by having him come.  We’re building some bridges. We don’t block bridges. We don’t believe in that.”
The RGA’s weekend was dominated by Walker and Christie’s problems and the in-fighting, ducking, and dodging the two scandal-scarred governors have caused…
Chicago Sun-Times: “For a practical matter, Christie could not function in his RGA role in a public way the past few days — he won’t be at the RGA press conference Monday — as flocks of reporters were chasing him around on the bridge story.”
NBC News: “But if you want a reason why Christie’s troubles ultimately could be unsustainable for Republican governors, consider this: The RGA today is holding a press briefing in DC without its chairman… it will be a bit jarring to see the PAST chairman (Jindal) leading the presser today instead of the CURRENT one (Christie).”
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TIME: “Walker did, however, note that the investigation into Christie aides’ involvement in closing lanes to the George Washington Bridge is ‘just beginning.’”
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