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Holcomb’s Christmas Gift To Teachers And State Vendors: Empty Promises

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Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced his legislative agenda for next year and (you guessed it!) he’s leaving behind teachers and child service workers. But if you’re a close friend of Holcomb, don’t worry he’s got you covered.
For months, state vendors for the Department of Child Services (DCS) haven’t been paid for services. One child services worker even said that she will have to quit if she doesn’t receive pay by Christmas. Holcomb was already in trouble with the Department, with the former DCS Secretary saying that Holcomb’s budget decisions will “all but ensure children will die.”
Teachers are waiting for their well-earned raise as well but Holcomb stiffed them in his legislative priorities this year. Instead of listening to teachers who turned out in massive numbers to protest his anti-teacher agenda at the state capitol, Holcomb jet-setted to Boca Raton.
While Holcomb twiddles his thumbs on raising pay for hardworking Hoosiers, he doled out big raises to his cronies. Must be nice to get what’s on your Christmas wish list.
“Holcomb’s Christmas gift to teachers and child service workers is empty promises and unpaid bills,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “In the holiday spirit of gift giving, Holcomb hoards all of the gifts for his cronies. Hoosiers will see through Holcomb’s empty words and look at his inaction to help teachers and child service workers.”