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Holcomb Jet Sets To Boca Raton While Teachers Protest Holcomb For Inaction On Teacher Shortage

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While Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb was in Boca Raton, thousands of teachers showed up at the state capitol to protest his failure to address the state’s teacher shortage. The rally could be the largest Indiana Statehouse rally in more than 20 years.
The teacher shortage is directly correlated with teacher pay. Educators are earning 16 percent less than two decades ago. Gov. Holcomb is simply not doing enough, standing in the way of pay raises and allowing solutions to languish in do-nothing committees.
Holcomb isn’t just putting roadblocks up for teachers, he’s also harming public education. Under the state’s budget, 60 public school districts in the Hoosier state will see a funding cut. Teachers are having to do more with less, paying for school supplies out of their own pockets. Other teachers are working a second job to cover basic needs.
While Holcomb does nothing for teachers and working families, he makes sure his cronies are well taken care of, paying his employees at much higher salaries than the previous governor.
Educators in Kentucky organized to oust Gov. Matt Bevin, who disrespected teachers and attacked public education. One person tweeted, “Teachers are talking! You see what happened to Bevin when teachers started talking!”
“Even in Boca Raton, Holcomb can’t escape his failure to address the teacher shortage,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Instead of working with teachers to improve public education, Holcomb disrespects them through evasion and inaction. Educators are organizing to make sure Holcomb’s neglect will cost him in November.”