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Hogan Says He Won’t Vote for Cox As Maryland GOP Infighting Gets Worse

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Republican Gov. Larry Hogan delivered a massive blow to Maryland GOP nominee for governor Dan Cox by announcing he won’t vote for him in November.

A spokesperson for Hogan told reporters he won’t vote for Cox, and Hogan has previously called him a “Q-Anon whack job.”

But Hogan isn’t the only Maryland Republican jumping ship now that Cox is the nominee.

  • Hogan’s former policy director tweeted, “#MDGOP I’m out. The party I so proudly worked in for 34 years has devolved into a personality cult.”
  • A senior advisor to Kelly Schulz said, “the Maryland Republican Party got together and committed ritualized mass suicide” by nominating Cox.
  • GOP strategist Jim Dorman said, “Cox’s ideas are so out there, that it makes people recoil.”
  • Former RNC Chair and former Lieutenant Gov. Michael Steele added, “You got the Trump-iest numbnut you can find.”

Meanwhile, in the ultimate sign of party unity, the Maryland Republican Party has remained silent.

“The Maryland MAGA primary may be over, but the GOP’s infighting will only get worse from here as Larry Hogan and other Republicans slam Dan Cox as a dangerous extremist,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.