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Hogan Breaks His Silence on Kavanaugh…To Side With Trump

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Hogan Refuses Request for State Police Investigation of Kavanaugh’s Alleged Attempted Sexual Assault

Today, Governor Larry Hogan finally broke his silence on Maryland native Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court by siding with President Trump and refusing to investigate allegations of attempted sexual assault.
State Senator Cheryl Kagan wrote to Hogan requesting a State Police investigation into the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh. According to the Baltimore Sun, Hogan, “immediately turned it down,” and “did not elaborate on his reasons.” President Trump has similarly refused requests for an FBI investigation of these allegations.
Hogan’s refusal to direct an investigation of Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court comes after he previously said he had a “pretty good” relationship with the President and praised his Administration as “very cooperative and good.”
Kagan said of Hogan’s decision to cover for Trump and not investigate, “It’s disappointing that Governor Hogan won’t stand up for Maryland women… Hogan has direct authority over the Maryland State Police. He can encourage local action, but he can take state action.”
For more on this story, please see Baltimore Sun: Gov. Hogan rules out state police investigation of Kavanaugh allegations