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Hillary Clinton Opposes Outrageous North Carolina Voter Suppression Law

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One day after North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed the one of the most outrageous voter suppression laws in the country, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the Supreme Court decision that she believes “stripped out the pre-clearance formula that made [the Voting Rights Act] so effective.” She also denounced the North Carolina bill as one that “reads like the greatest hits of voter suppression.” Sign the petition and stand with Hillary Clinton in opposing voter suppression laws like the one in North Carolina.

Hillary Clinton attacks Voting Rights ruling

By BREANNA EDWARDS | 8/12/13 7:10 PM EDT Updated: 8/13/13 9:05 AM EDT
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stood for protecting voting rights Monday afternoon at a speech in San Francisco, slamming the Supreme Court for the “damage” it caused at a local level with its landmark decision on the Voting Rights Act.
“By invalidating pre-clearance, the Supreme Court has shifted the burden back onto citizens alleging discrimination,” Clinton said in a speech to the American Bar Association which was honoring her.

Clinton denounced what she called a “phantom epidemic of voter ID fraud,” saying that the damage brought on by the court’s decision could affect citizens at a very local level.

“Throughout our history, we have found too many ways to exclude people from their ownership of the law,” Clinton added.
At the same ceremony, where the association presented Clinton with a medal for her own legal career, as well as aiding to advance the legal career of other female lawyers, Clinton announced the start of a speech tour, surrounding policy in the next few months.
The series of speeches will range on topics like transparency, national security and their impact on America’s leadership abroad. Clinton’s next speech reportedly will be in Philadelphia in September and will be on the topic of national security, her positions on which have inflamed the left wing of her party in the past. Clinton’s position on the Iraq War was a key issue that hurt her primary campaign in 2008.

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