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Hiding His Plan a Laughing Matter for Shady Rauner in Disastrous Press Exchange: "Seriously?…You’re Ducking the Question."

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As exasperated members of the press stood by in disbelief yesterday, billionaire Bruce Rauner laughed out loud when asked to present his tax plan. Billionaire Bruce has been running for governor for more than a year, but refuses to say how he’d pay for massive tax cuts that disproportionately benefit him and his wealthy pals.
It makes sense that he’d want to keep his plan a secret – the only way to pay for his tax cuts would be to gut investments in education, public safety, veterans care, retirement security, and programs middle-class families rely on. For his entire career, Bruce Rauner has maximized profits for himself at the expense of working people – and that’s exactly what he’d do as governor. He just doesn’t want voters to know. But this time, he’s not going to get away with it.
A partial transcript of the disastrous exchange in which Billionaire Bruce’s shady secrecy is on full display is below.
Listen for yourself to the Chicago Tribune audio here.
Q: The other day you referred to Democrats in Springfield as using the budget for political football. You are doing robocalls out to various districts telling people to vote no. You have not presented any kind of alternative  plan and you say you are not going to do that until after the legislature is gone home. Aren’t you playing political football…Don’t you feel responsibility to say where you actually do stand so that Republicans in the General Assembly might have an idea what you actually stand for, specifically.
RAUNER: We will be coming out with our plans and our recommendations long, long before the election and the voters will have a clear choice.
Q: What’s taking so long? Because you’ve been running for 15 months. You know what the problems were. You knew that the tax is going to expire in 2015 as scheduled as you propose. What is taking so long? Who are these experts by name that you are working with?
RAUNER: We will be coming out with our plan in due time, long before the General Election.
Q: What is due time?
RAUNER: At the right time…
Q: What’s the right time? You’ve said this for months?
RAUNER: (Laughs) OK, I understand, next question.
Q: When are you going to tell us what you’re for instead of against?
RAUNER: (Laughs) Soon.
Q What is soon? Seriously? This is what everybody’s saying. You’re ducking the question. What tax rate would you agree to?
RAUNER: As I’ve been clear throughout, we will come out with a plan, both on tax policy and tax plan as well as a spending plan.
Q: What they’re going to do in the next two week, you’re going to have to live with next year if you win the election. So don’t you have a responsibility to weigh in, to explain to voters and to politicians  what you think you want them to do?
RAUNER: I’ve been clear. I want them not to extend this temporary income tax.
Q: What you want them to do, not what you don’t want them to do?
RAUNER: (Laughs) To be clear, we’re going to be coming out with a plan on taxes and in spending in due time, at the right time, and long before the election.
Q: Will that come with your pension plan, too, that you’ve promised?
RAUNER: (Laughs) We’ll have a pension plan, an education plan, a transportation plan.
Q: Why should anyone believe this after hearing it month after month? Aren’t you shortchanging the voters?
RAUNER: (No response)