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Hiding Heidi is Missing-In-Action as Danielle Neuschwanger Steals GOP Primary Spotlight

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Far-right darling Danielle Neuschwanger has overtaken fellow extremist Heidi Ganahl as the CO GOP’s favorite, winning a straw poll with 57 of 101 votes at the Cañon City GOP forum on Saturday. As Ganahl’s campaign fails to take off, this is the third straw poll Neuschwanger has won.

Neuschwanger’s policies “instantly resonated with the crowd” with her remarks “bringing murmurs and nods of approval and hearty applause every time she spoke,” according to the Colorado Times Recorder.

Greg Lopez came in second while the rest of the crowded field could barely muster any support. Since the jump, all the Republican primary candidates have focused more on conspiracy theories and far-right talking points than real solutions to Colorado’s biggest issues.

“Many of the candidates answered questions with generalities,” reported the Times Recorder, “sometimes offering up random ideas and occasionally wandering into vague national and international politics rather than addressing specific state issues and policies.”

Notably absent from the forum stage this weekend was Ganahl, who’s been floundering with abysmal fundraising numbers. Hiding Heidi’s absence opens the door for Neuschwanger to steal the spotlight and leaves Ganahl left to remind Coloradans that she agrees with her competitors’ extremist beliefs.

When it comes to the Big Lie, Ganahl has already admitted she believes the election was stolen and even endorsed an election conspiracy group. But does she agree with Neuschwanger that the Secretary of State should be jailed?

“Danielle Neuschwanger is riding a wave of momentum, and Heidi Ganahl’s support is rapidly sinking underwater,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “She agrees with Neuschwanger’s extremist lies, but if Hiding Heidi hopes to steal the spotlight back, she’ll have to show up and be louder in her embrace of the out-of-touch values her competitors are using to fire up the far-right.”