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Hide n’ Seek: A Tale of Kim Reynolds’ Relationship With Accountability

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As Kim Reynolds takes the stage tonight for the first gubernatorial debate, voters will finally get to hear her reasoning for her dreadful record as governor. Reynolds has spent her campaign desperately trying to avoid accountability as questions swirl around her “ethically challenged” leadership.
It’s no wonder Reynolds is so frightened–she’s been plagued by headlines ranging from the budget crisis she created, her botched Medicaid privatization scheme, and the alleged cronyism-enabled sexual harassment by her friend at a state agency.
And rather than owning up to her bad record and explaining her long series of poor decisions, she’s canceled her official press conferences, and just last week refused to meet with the Des Moines Register Editorial Board.
“Kim Reynolds is a case study in failed leadership and hiding from responsibility,” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “But she can’t hide from election day. Try as she may to avoid being held accountable for her disastrous record, you can be sure Iowans will hold her accountable at the ballot box.”