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Hickenlooper: Romney ‘Still Somewhat of a Mystery’

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Hickenlooper predicted that the 2012 presidential vote in Colorado would be “very, very close,” adding that he expected President Obama to close the deal with undecideds on the basis of his personality and character. “People generally, in the end, vote on who they want to have a beer with,” he said, before arguing that Mitt Romney is flunking that test: “He is still somewhat of a mystery in terms of, Why is he doing this? What is his emotional core? What does he respond to viscerally? And what are his hobbies, his passions? Who is he as a person?”
As for Obama, Hickenlooper praised his economic record, complimenting his Cabinet for working in unison to promote economic development.  Hickenlooper, meanwhile, struck me as a policy wonk, someone who genuinely enjoys talking about transportation and energy policy.
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