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“Hey Glenn Youngkin, Scared to Debate?” — DGA Launches Three Billboards in Richmond Slamming Glenn Youngkin for Hiding from Debates

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Yesterday, the DGA launched three billboards around Richmond hitting Glenn Youngkin for dodging debates. The billboards, which slam Youngkin for hiding from Virginians, are located off of major roads and interstates around Richmond.

While Terry McAuliffe has accepted invitations to five debates in locations across the Commonwealth and is committed to talking directly to Virginians, Glenn Youngkin has only accepted one and is still hiding from accepting additional debate invitations weeks after McAuliffe accepted all five.

What’s Glenn Youngkin so afraid of that it’s keeping him from taking to the debate stage? Maybe he’s avoiding addressing his shady record of screwing over seniors and shipping jobs overseas; or maybe he’s avoiding defending his Trump-endorsed extreme stances on issues like abortion and voting rights.

The debate stage isn’t the only place where Glenn Youngkin is avoiding answering directly to Virginians on the issues. He’s also dodged interviews with Virginia local media, while spending his days on conservative outlets like Fox News and Newsmax, talking to conservatives sympathetic to his extreme positions.

“Virginians deserve to know where Glenn Youngkin stands,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Youngkin is ducking the debates because he can’t defend his shady business dealings or his status as the Donald Trump-endorsed candidate. Plus, he knows he can’t answer questions about what it takes to be governor, especially when he’s next to Terry McAuliffe, who’s delivered for Virginians time and time again. If Glenn runs away from the pressure of a debate, how can he be expected to handle the pressures of governing?”