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Herald-Leader: “Bevin Spoke at Hillbilly Days This Weekend. The Crowd Wouldn’t Stop Booing.”

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In case you missed it, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin delivered his re-election pitch at Hillbilly Days, an annual political tradition, and was met by a chorus of boos from the crowd. America’s least popular incumbent was “particularly politically isolated” this week, drawing Republican ire for his recent veto of a pension bill.
Known for his unstable temperament, Bevin apparently didn’t handle the criticism too well. Bevin allegedly confronted one of his primary opponents, Rep. Robert Goforth, after his speech attacked the governor’s New England roots.

Read more about Bevin’s public speaking flop below:
Lexington Herald-Leader: Bevin spoke at Hillbilly Days this weekend. The crowd wouldn’t stop booing.
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin took the podium at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville to tell the small crowd why he should be reelected to a second term.
It was a pitch that touted his close relationship with President Donald Trump and his decision to address Kentucky’s pension crisis, and ensure that lawmakers fully-funded the state’s ailing pension system.
Of course, it was difficult to hear over the chorus of boos…
 The frosty reception comes in a week when Bevin is particularly politically isolated. On Wednesday, he criticized lawmakers from his own party when they expressed disappointment in Bevin for vetoing a bill that would provide relief from soaring pension payments to universities and quasi-governmental agencies, such as community health centers and mental health departments.
Meanwhile, he remains unpopular statewide for his effort to reform the ailing pension system, and some of the things he said about opponents of the effort.