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Heidi Ganahl’s Transportation “Plan” Looks Familiar…

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Ganahl’s “Plan’ Calls for Actions Gov. Polis is Already Delivering in Colorado 

Colorado GOP gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl unveiled a vague transportation agenda last week with priorities Gov. Polis and Colorado Democrats are already doing.

In fact, many of the priorities in Ganahl’s plan look almost identical to Gov. Polis’ 10-year transportation plan. The governor’s plan, which will improve transit options, lower emissions, and continue to fix roads, highways, and bridges, is already delivering for Coloradans:

Fixing rural roads: While Ganahl falsely claimed Colorado was one of the worst states in the nation for rural roads, the Polis administration has improved over 1,200 miles of rural roads in the last two years.

Building bridges and tunnels: Gov. Polis signed legislation that will dedicate an estimated $522 million toward bridge and tunnel funding.

Expanding highways: Gov. Polis’ 10-year transportation plan includes significant expansions for roads and highways. Colorado Public Radio even reported that “in many ways, Ganahl’s proposal to expand high-profile highways mirrors Polis.’”

Major Colorado news outlets identified the one main difference – Ganahl’s plan embraces tolls in a big way — expanding them from Castle Rock to Fort Collins and costing taxpayers millions.

Not only are Ganahl’s plan specifics murky: so is her plan to pay for it. While she remains vague on how to fully-fund her plan, she’s said part of it includes shifting money from the general fund — and away from essential services Coloradans depend on, like schools and law enforcement.

“Heidi Ganahl will be happy to know that Gov. Polis has already taken on the key priorities in her transportation ‘plan,’” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The truth is, Ganahl is so out-of-touch with the issues facing Coloradans, she has to copy Gov. Polis and Colorado Democrats to come up with a plan to deliver real solutions.”