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Heidi Ganahl’s Radical Far-Right Agenda and Messy Campaign Drives Republicans to Jump Ship

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Colorado GOP nominee for governor Heidi Ganahl is so radical and running such a complete dumpster fire, that even Colorado Republicans are turning on her.

Pam Anderson, the Colorado Republican nominee for secretary of state slammed Ganahl’s decision to name election-denying conspiracy theorist Danny Moore as her running mate. Anderson said, “It’s beyond disappointing that any candidate running for statewide office would open the door to allow this false rhetoric to continue.” 

Moore was removed as chair from Colorado’s redistricting commission after multiple unfounded claims of mass voter fraud, including saying President Joe Biden was “elected by the Democrat steal.”

The Colorado Republican nominee for attorney general also distanced himself from Ganahl and refuted her campaign’s Bie Lie rhetoric, saying, “I am very much focused on the 2022 election and not what happened in 2020.”

The comments from statewide GOP candidates for office come as the Denver Post reports that “the governor’s race is being defined in large part by what politicos on both sides of the aisle generally agree has been a disastrous campaign for Ganahl.” Adding to her campaign woes, Ganahl just announced abysmal fundraising numbers and a cash-on-hand total that is less than half of what 2018 GOP gov. nominee Walker Stapleton had at this point in the cycle, even with her self funding loans.

“Heidi Ganahl’s campaign has been defined by mishaps and far-right rhetoric since day one,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Now, even Colorado Republicans are running away from Heidi Ganahl because they know the radical extremism coming from her disastrous campaign is a losing message and completely wrong for Colorado.”