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Heidi Ganahl Wants to See Nationwide Protections for Contraception, Gay Marriage Removed

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Colorado GOP candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl said last month at a campaign event that she believes individual states should be able to decide whether or not to ban gay marriage and contraception.

As the reversal of Roe v. Wade throws the fate of other fundamental American rights in jeopardy, Heidi Ganahl said that contraception and gay marriage are decisions that “should be made by states.” 

Ganahl also said the Reproductive Health Equity Act, legislation signed earlier this year by Gov. Polis that enshrines abortion and contraception rights into state law goes “way too far. Ganahl has previously called to “rip up” the Reproductive Health Equity Act.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “Heidi Ganahl has already made clear she wants to rip away Coloradans’ right to an abortion. Now, she’s going even further, saying she wants to see nationwide protections for other fundamental rights removed. Ganahl continues to demonstrate to Coloradans that she can’t be trusted to protect their rights.”