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HB2: A ‘Wound That Wont Stop Bleeding’ For Pat McCrory

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HB2: A ‘Wound That Wont Stop Bleeding’ For Pat McCrory

New polls show HB2 has left McCrory badly damaged

Things have gone from bad to worse for Gov. Pat McCrory in North Carolina.

A new series of polling out this week shows how endangered McCrory is in his re-election campaign, with Tar Heel voters overwhelmingly rejecting HB2 – McCrory’s wide-sweeping discrimination law.

As McCrory continues to double down on discrimination, here’s what people are saying about the re-election chances of 2016’s most vulnerable governor:

Washington Post’s The Fix:

“Put another way, McCrory is doing worse in his own state than Trump is — and just 34 percent of likely North Carolina voters say they like Trump.”


“The reason for McCrory’s outlier performance isn’t hard to determine. A majority of likely voters (55 percent) disapprove of the bathroom law, which became a flash point this summer for gay rights supporters, with McCrory quickly cast as the villain by activists — and the business community.”


“While the other North Carolina Republicans at the top of the ticket are hanging in there, McCrory is at risk of losing reelection. And if he loses, the bathroom bill will be a major reason why.”  

Raleigh News and Observer:

“The poll also found that House Bill 2 — the law restricting discrimination protections for LGBT people — is opposed by 55 percent of respondents and supported by only 36 percent. Seven in 10 voters think HB2 has been bad for the state’s reputation.”

Greensboro News and Record Editorial:

“A Monmouth University poll out today puts Gov. Pat McCrory in a hole, and it’s largely because of the Republican’s support for HB2.”


 “McCrory will lose if he continues to tout HB2 as a positive, because most people know it’s a big negative for North Carolina. And if he continues his transformation into a Trump-like candidate.”

Huffington Post:

 “Yet regardless of their personal attitude on HB2, a whopping 70 percent of respondents said the law has had a “bad” or otherwise negative impact on North Carolina’s reputation nationally.” 


“McCrory has staunchly defended HB2, but his support of the law could be hurting his reelection prospects.” 

WRAL Editorial:

“House Bill 2 continues to be the self-inflicted wound that won’t stop bleeding for incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.”