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Has Ken Griffin Found His Candidate?

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Rumors Around Richard Irvin’s Pending Announcement Continue to Grow

Following the news that Billionaire Ken Griffin has chosen John Milhiser as his Secretary of State Candidate to bankroll, rumors are swirling surrounding who the Rauner Reboot team might add to their slate of handpicked pawns. And sources are saying that undeclared potential candidate Richard Irvin is his pick in the Illinois GOP primary for governor.

Irvin is seen as a blank slate candidate for Griffin to use in his quest to return Illinois to the catastrophic governorship of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner who himself praised Irvin. Griffin famously financed Rauner with $36.1 million as he imploded Illinois’ budget, defunded public programs, and ruined the state’s economy.

Griffin’s allies are pushing the Illinois Republican Party to back Irvin, a move the Chicago Tribune says is “opening the door to further divisions within the state GOP.” The billionaire “has not been satisfied with the four announced contenders,” Gary Rabine, Jesse Sullivan, Darren Bailey, and Paul Schimpf.

Irvin’s potential bid is already stirring up division in the GOP primary. A spokesman for Bailey’s campaign slammed Irvin’s policies and voting record, foreshadowing the all-out brawl that will occur as Griffin’s influence escalates Republican infighting.

“Wealthy GOP insider Ken Griffin is searching for a candidate who will drag Illinois back to the Bruce Rauner days, and he may have found his man in Richard Irvin,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “It’s no secret that top Republicans see the current field as unelectable, and Griffin’s involvement will only divide the party further ahead of the general election.”