Happy 1 Month to a Rauner-Ives Feud Going Strong!

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One Month Later, Rauner Fails to Win Back Ives Voters, Ends Month with New Conservative Challenger

Exactly one month ago, Governor Bruce Rauner watched as 48% of Republican primary voters pulled the lever for state Representative Jeanne Ives. Rauner was already the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent and his incredibly weak showing should have served as a wakeup call for Rauner to put his party back together.
It’s been a whole month and here’s the many ways he’s failed:

  • Rauner lied about his campaign’s non-existent outreach to Ives.
  • Rauner lied about a conversation he had with Ives.
  • Republican state Senator Sam McCann announced a Conservative Party bid for governor.

“Bruce Rauner desperately needed to win back the 48% of Republicans who supported Jeanne Ives, but that ended up being too big a task,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro, “Instead, Republicans keep lining up to challenge Rauner as he ends the month in even worse shape than he started. Happy Anniversary to Bruce Rauner and Jeanne Ives and here’s to many more.”