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HALPERIN: Walker's "In Danger Of Losing" To Mary Burke

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 Reacting to a poll that shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tied with Democrat Mary Burke on “Morning Joe” today, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt and Mark Halperin discussed Walker’s “contentious” time in office and how he’s “in danger of losing” his reelection bid. Walker has fallen woefully short of the 250,000 jobs he promised to create, all while launching divisive attacks on women’s rights, voting rights, and Wisconsin’s workers. His divisiveness and failure to deliver for the middle class are why he’s so vulnerable to defeat.

SCARBOROUGH: I’m surprised Scott Walker in Wisconsin, tied 47-47. I mean, I thought Walker was clear on that. That’s still a tough battle…
SCHMIDT: Well, look, he’s had a contentious time in office. It’s structurally, it’s a blue state. He has been involved in a lot of controversy. He’s a governor who has gone in there, who has enacted an agenda, a lot of reforms. So it’s going to be a close race. I mean, I wouldn’t count Scott Walker out of this. He’s shown a lot of resiliency.
SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, I’m just surprised it’s that close.
HALPERIN: She’s a good candidate and pretty well-known. And Steve said, you know, the structure of the race, it’s a blue to purple state, and he’s been controversial. Sohe’s got a floor of support of his hard activists but he’s also got a ceiling. He’s not going to get 55% of the vote here. Once you’re below that, you’re in danger of losing. And same with John Kasich in Ohio – he’s in a better position, but these are two guys who want to run for president, first, they’ve got to win reelection in tough states.