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Greitens Becomes A Liability for GOP Governors

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Neighboring Govs in IL, IA on Defense over Ties to Scandal-Plagued Greitens

In 36 hours, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has gone from a self-described leader to major political liability. Gubernatorial candidates in Iowa and Illinois are scrambling to deal with the fallout from the blackmail scandal unfolding in Missouri.

Take a look at the coverage and see for yourself.

Politico Headline: “Missouri Sex Scandal Burns Illinois Governor.” [Politico, 1/11/18]

Kansas City Star: Governor Rauner “will no longer be airing, a testament to the perceived danger for Republicans in standing behind Missouri’s governor.” [Kansas City Star, 1/11/18]

NBC5 Chicago: Repeated questions to Rauner staff have gone unanswered today.   Does @GovRauner think @EricGreitens should resign?  What about the $100K Rauner gave Greitens campaign?   [Mary Ann Ahern Tweet, 1/11/18]

Des Moines Register Headline: Missouri Governor’s Sex Scandal Prompts Call for Iowa Governor to Return Fundraiser Money.” [Des Moines Register, 1/11/18]

Des Moines Register: “Reynolds issued her own statement Thursday regarding Greitens. However she made no mention of returning contributions she received at the fundraiser.” [Des Moines Register, 1/11/18]

National Journal: “The ensuing criminal investigation into allegations of blackmail—has spread to other governors’ reelection races as Democrats hope to use it as a cudgel in 2018.” [National Journal, 1/12/18]