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Greg Gianforte Silent As National Republicans Put Montana Economy On The Chopping Block, Threatening Nearly 200 Jobs

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Gianforte Continues to Put Political Career and Friends in the Swamp Before Montanans 

The Trump administration has announced it intends to cut $223 million from the Marine Corps F-35 program in order to fund the border wall project which both Gianforte and Trump promised would be paid for by Mexico. The F-35 program is an integral part of Montana’s economy, generating over $16 million in the state and supporting around 190 jobs, according to Montana’s Republican Senator. 
Gianforte once touted this program’s benefits to Montana, but now he sits silent as nearly 200 good-paying jobs could be affected.
This isn’t the first time Gianforte has put DC insiders above the interests of working Montanans. Last month, he donated an astonishing $250,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee. Gianforte’s donations to the swamp now total over $600,000, meaning he has invested twice as much to elect national Republicans than he has in Montana. 
“Greg Gianforte’s priorities are his own political career and his friends in the swamp,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “As hundreds of Montana jobs and tens of millions in economic growth are on the line, Gianforte stays silent. Montanans deserve so much better.”